Image Masking

Techniques Need to Use for Isolating Objects from Images

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The term “masking” often referred to isolating the specific objects from an image using the ‘Erase’ or ‘Extract’ tools. Although there are some plugins available in Adobe Photoshop to make the masking easier, isolating specific objects from a photo can be very time consuming and Read More

Eraser Masking for Background Removal – Video Tutorial

Eraser Maskng for Background Removal

Have you ever tried to do eraser masking for background removal purposes? If not, then don’t have to worry because we have just published an interesting video tutorial in our YouTube channel on eraser masking for background removal. In this video, our highly experienced graphic Read More

Advanced Image Masking Tutorial – Video

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We have just published a really informative video tutorial, in which our experienced graphic designer has shown how you can do image masking as like professionals using Photoshop. In order to be able to mask images as like professionals, you just need to watch this video Read More

Photoshop Clipping Mask Tutorial – Video

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Do you want to be a real professional in image masking using Photoshop? Then this post is only for you! Because we have just published another great video tutorial on image masking. In this video tutorial, our experienced designer has showed how you can create Read More

Layer Mask Vs. Clipping Mask: Don’t Get Confused!

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Image masking is the most powerful, yet most misunderstood feature in Photoshop. Especially, masking seems difficult to understand for the novice. If applied in the right way, masks can create very effectual visual effects. From stylizing texts to blending images, there are thousands of uses Read More

Why Masking with Magic Wand Tool Does Not Work?

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Image masking is a process of masking an image over a background where two bitmaps are used and the value of Background Bitmap is kept in 0. This should be precisely done in order to get the right image masking. This whole process requires attention Read More

What are Color Masking Services?

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“Color Masking” also termed as Multiple Clipping Path or Color Creation Masking or Color Path or Color Grading is nothing but an advance level clipping path technique.  In color masking process each and every individual component of an image can be altered in terms of Read More

What are Photo Masking Services?

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In arts and engineering, the term “masking” refers to the use of shields to protect any specified area from change or to highlight changes on any other area. But here, in photographic industry, “masking” is directly linked to the enhancement of image quality.  Portrays of Read More

An Awesome Slide Covering Color Masking Services!


Here is a slide which covers everything about what is Photoshop Image Color Masking, what are the examples of professional color masking and who are providing the best color masking services in the world! Check it out! Photoshop Color Masking Services At Affordable Price from Read More

Photoshop Image Color Masking Services At Affordable Prices [Video]


There are lots of companies of this world, those are providing image color masking services. But, not all of these are good and not all that company secure the commitment they made while starting a project. But, CPF is different. This Video has been made Read More

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