Image Optimization

Great Tips to Preserve Photos for Years!

Photo Preservation tips

Photographs can keep memories alive for years. But unfortunately photos can often be subject to tear and wear or similar other damages due to some common reasons like improper storage, careless handling or exposure to harsh external elements. Luckily there are some awesome and effective Read More

Benefits of Using Photo Editing Software

benefits of photo editing

The word “image editing” in these days are used to describe those processes with which images are manipulated in different forms. For these photo editing purposes, different photo editing software, especially Adobe Photoshop, are used at modern times. All these photo editing tools, currently available Read More

Professional Image Editing Services at Clipping Path Family

Professional Image Editing Service

Image editing has become an evitable part for all kinds of online businesses, particularly for e-commerce websites, newspapers and magazines. You can hardly find an image without any enhancement. Because photographs often appear gloomy and dark without any enhancement, that’s why almost everyone makes required Read More

Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Photo Editing Services

In these days, most of the businesses are online based. One can buy almost any physical and digital products from the ecommerce websites. Even people can also buy home or apartment just through watching it online! That’s the reason why many real estate companies are Read More

Reasons Why You Should Use Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

There are lots of benefits of Photoshop are available especially for those who are so much interested in editing images, making logos and designing their website. Adobe Photoshop is the exclusive tool for making so many things related to the image industry. There are lots Read More

Make Your Photographs Attractive with Colour Correction Service!!!

colour correction

Photographs can keep your memorable moments live for years. But sometimes it’s common to make some colour correction to make the photographs more attractive and professional.  Though it’s very common to make colour correction of black & white photos, but it can also be done Read More

Create Reflection Effect Using Photoshop – Video

Reflection effect

Do you know how to create reflection effect in Photoshop? If not, then you don’t have to worry because we have recently published a really great video tutorial on reflection effect creation where our professional graphics designer showed step by step guidelines on how to Read More

Full-Proof Tips for Preserving Your Photographs

photo restoration tips

Photos can keep memories for years. But unfortunately they can be torn or damaged due to exposure to harsh external chemicals, careless handling or storage in improper places, which may severely hamper image quality. So here I am going to share some crucial tips of Read More

Beginners Guide to Learning Photo Editing Techniques

photo editing

For anyone, who is fresher to Adobe Photoshop, may find this software interface as a wall full with options and icons that often leaves a person almost in the midst of a jungle full of technicalities and jargons. In fact, learning Photoshop isn’t really too Read More

What is Image Cropping and Resizing in Photoshop?

Clipping Path Services

Image cropping “Image Cropping” refers to the erasing of the external parts of an image to upgrade framing, adjust aspect ratio and accentuate subject material. In image cropping process, portions of images are trimmed away from the edges to strengthen the composition and create focus. Read More

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