Why Masking with Magic Wand Tool Does Not Work?

Image masking is a process of masking an image over a background where two bitmaps are used and the value of Background Bitmap is kept in 0. This should be precisely done in order to get the right image masking. This whole process requires attention of the graphic designer and perfect uses of Photoshop tools. But, while people want to do image masking with Magic Wand Tool; it doesn’t become as professional as what the buyer usually wants.


photoshop image masking tool disadvantages


Most importantly, masking with Magic Wand Tool doesn’t really work and it’s a bad idea to follow.

Here are some problems arises when Magic Want Tool is used in Image Masking:

  1. Magic Wand Tool selects the entire image but not any specified area while hovering over the image.
  2. Selecting Random parts doesn’t work and it outputs you a totally non-professional image always.
  3. You somehow get to go with Photoshop Color Tolerance setting, which is irritating, and time consuming.
  4. If you intend to use the images produced and masked by Magic Wand Tool in any of your Web Development or App Development project; it will creates problem.
  5. Ragged edges and unwanted connected parts issues where you have to struggle.
  6. When you will use Magic Wand Tool, the whole work to be done need to have more tools used like “White Airbrush” to remove the background in order to protect the shadow and the image you are working with.

We would suggest you to use Pen Tool or Layer Mask Tool with Channel to do all of your image-masking project. You may need to take help of Eraser Tool or Quick Selection Tool often; but pen tool is the Boss in this image-editing project.  So, keep going and stay with us in touched to get more awesome tutorial like this.