What are Color Masking Services?

“Color Masking” also termed as Multiple Clipping Path or Color Creation Masking or Color Path or Color Grading is nothing but an advance level clipping path technique.  In color masking process each and every individual component of an image can be altered in terms of color level.  In this procedure it is also possible to do multiple filtering, change opacity, change object size, alignment and rotation, create colors and more.  Moreover, different color effects and filters can also be applied for photo treatment in color masking.  Actually, you can do numerous individual element adjustments in a single image to give it a totally new look.  Designers use software like Photoshop to create numbers of layers while accomplishing color masking jobs on an image.

Color masking services or color correction services are typically provided to product or item photos of e-commerce websites, GIF or Flash composite animations, fashion catalogs, leaflets, brochures, booklets, posters, newspapers, magazines, web template design catalogs, fashion designs and more. Color masking services have also gained much  acceptance in graphic design firms, photograph studios, publishing houses or printing medias, web design companies, web developers, advertising agencies and more other fields.

color masking servicesNow where to get the best color masks? Clipping Path Family (CPF) is probably the best to satisfy your demand! Clipping Path Family offers high quality hand drawn Color Masking services or Multiple Clipping path services or Color Correction Masking Services to global clients with the assistance of a group of highly skilled professional graphics designers at cutthroat price and fast turnaround time.

How much it would cost? Just relax! CPF allows you to get the best color masking service in image editing industry at a minimum cost. Image manipulation costs generally depend on complexity level and volume of tasks done per image. Typically, CPF’s color masking charge starts from only 3 US dollar and no hidden charges are there.