Purpose of Clipping Path services

Clipping path is the technique of separating and selecting any particular or specific section from an image, which may be an advertising product itself. Clipping path service is used to remove the background from any image so that you can have your preferable background to them. The purpose of clipping path is to remove background and make the background transparent (without background) or white. Also, multiple clipping paths are employed for color correction. The whole process is done manually through Photoshop pen tool, though these can be done by some automated tools. Photoshop pen tool results in a flawless background and the best clipping path along with maximum pixels and minimum anchor points.

clipping path services

Background removal by path clipping

Clipping path services are most demanding in image editing industry. There are many automated programs and software which help to get rid of the unwanted parts of an image. Magic wand tool is one of such automated tools from Adobe Photoshop. It creates automated paths throughout the edges. Though it gives you the result rapidly, the quality never riches the best. In this process, random parts of background will be visible in places and the output is never professional in anyway. To resolve the problem, you need to operate Photoshop pen tool manually. The accuracy of hand-made process is not obtainable through any other automated software.

Different Purposes of Clipping Path Services

•    Removing or replacing backgrounds from images

•    Creating transparent backgrounds

•    Creating customized backgrounds

•    Saving silhouette selection on images for later use

•    Creating magazine covers, ads, and lots of other products in print media

•    Creating desired or customized layers, and multiple layers using multiple selection

•    Dropping shadows or shadowing of desired images

Clipping path services are the basic requirements for any other image editing service. Image masking, color masking, background removal, old photo restoration, and many other services require the path clipping first. Clipping path services allow you to produce excellent layouts which can increase the competitive value of the products in the market.