100% Client Satisfaction: Our Best Business Capital!

Clipping Path Family (CPF) – a world class image editing and prepress graphics design company offers the first-class Photoshop Clipping Path (background removal or knockout, image isolation, Photoshop silo/silhouette, photo masking, color masking, image retouch, old photo restoration, photo enhancement etc.) services for the offshore customers. CPF has professional experience for 6 or more years in providing bulk clipping path projects at a very competitive price and fast turnaround time.

If you are really looking for quality clipping path services then you can ease your loads and save your costs by outsourcing us to focus on your creative activities and core business.

Who Do Really Need Clipping Path Services in Image Editing Industry?

Clipping Path Services are most demandable and unavoidable in image editing industry. People, who are professionally dealing with the visual presentation, feel it inescapable in their day to day life. Especially, in business websites, product photography, product advertising, graphics design, pre-press media, and printing industry, clipping path services are most viable. Today, most of the photographers leave something regarding the background for further digital editing. So, clipping path is regarded as the “daily meal” for following purposes:

  • Graphics design industries
  • Printing industries
  • Digital photography
  • Online retails
  • E-commerce shopping
  • Newspaper/Magazine publishing industry
  • Catalog industry
  • Fashion/Showbiz industry
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Advertising business
  • Pre-press production industry and so on.

 Why CPF?

Clipping Path Family has earned a reputation as leading clipping path service provider in local and international image editing industry. We do excel in each and every clipping path service notably, simple clipping path, basic clipping path, complex or compound clipping path, super complex clipping path, flat clipping path, multiple clipping paths, and also clipping path with shadowing (drop/natural/reflection shadow). Features that make us the best are:

  • We make 100% hand-made clipping path with Photoshop pen tool
  • We deliver the complete projects before deadlines
  • We possess utmost expertise  in exhaust image cutout
  • CPF provides complete online or virtual solution (uploader, invoices, etc.)
  • Our services accept all image formats including JPEG, PSD and TIFF.
  • We offer the most competitive price but no compromise with quality
  • 100% client satisfaction is our capital
  • CPF adds variety of shadow or reflection effects with images as natural shadow, reflection shadow, drop shadow, etc. which make the image even more natural.

Meeting Deadlines

Our minimum turnaround dime is one hour, but the standard turnaround time is one day i.e, 24 hours. This duration can be extended depending on the complexity and volume of the job. However, faster service is possible as per client requirement.