Expose Your Business By Professional Image Clipping!

Clipping path is an image editing technique used by photographers and image editors to change the background of an image, hide unwanted image elements or change shadow positions. This may be done using Photoshop Pen Tool which creates a closed vector mask. It is actually a hard end vector masking process that separates and targets several parts of an image like fore ground or background.  Clipping path services are also useful to transform images’ shapes, changing background color or making the masked area transparent. Clipping path can be done by any graphics program and then exported with an image as alpha channels or embedded paths. They can also be directly created through some page layout applications.

Clipping path services are applicable in magazines, flyers, catalogs, e-commerce websites, advertisements, brochure and all other sites where images are frequently used. As a result this service has become very demanding to publishing homes, photographers, designers, web developers and many others. The use of compound path is also popular that is driven from the combination of multiple paths of different objects, or colors in a single image.  This technique is usually applied for background drop out purpose and color correction.

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path family (CPF) provides high quality clipping path services and image retouching services essential for any kind of media displaying professional images, product catalogs or online stores.  CPF’s clipping path professionals use Photoshop features to crop objects from images and edit the cropped areas by changing background, placing other parts together or eliminating shadows to give a professional look. For example, you are the owner of a dealership business and you have a business website for selling garment products. So you have catalogue pages displaying different sample garments in your web pages. Now you need to take pictures of your selling products at home but you want to display only the product view not the background in your catalogue. This is exactly where clipping path services are required.  It may be difficult and time consuming to execute the process but experienced and professional touch can make your catalogue exactly how you want to display it. Clipping paths family’s extremely professional and skilled experts can handle any level of complexity and provide you the best standard in image editing industry.

So if you want to lead in the market, just place an order now, send us your images with a quote, and let us take care of the rest.  We also allow customers to get a free trial and our previous sample works before contract. We do confidently say that CPF is just the expert in clipping path services for any online retail store that needs image editing of any type.