Clipping Path

Techniques Need to Use for Isolating Objects from Images

Clipping path family

The term “masking” often referred to isolating the specific objects from an image using the ‘Erase’ or ‘Extract’ tools. Although there are some plugins available in Adobe Photoshop to make the masking easier, isolating specific objects from a photo can be very time consuming and Read More

What is Clipping Path and How to Make Clipping Path Manually

clipping path

A clipping path is basically a vectorized shape which is used in Photoshop to separate subject of an image from its background. Yap, it’s true that there are a wide range of options available for isolating an image object from its background, but at Clipping Read More

Create Well Transparent Images Using Photoshop Clipping Path

transparent photo

Image transparency is the common question nowadays as am I going to get clear shape of my image? Although the query is typical then what service or tools you should use for those. The most crucial fact is, expert suggests using Photoshop clipping path for Read More

Create Realistic Shadow Effect in Photoshop – Video

shadow effect

We have recently published another really useful video tutorial, in which our experienced graphic designer has shown how you can create realistic shadow effect using Photoshop. In order to be able to create shadow effect as like professionals, you just need to watch this video Read More

How to Composite Image in Photoshop – Video

image composition

In this video tutorial, our experienced designer showed how you can composite an image using Photoshop so that you can use that image anywhere of an E-commerce or commercial website or online spaces. Just watch this video attentively and use the tools that have been Read More

How to Create Multiple Paths in Photoshop

photoshop tutorial

While working with Adobe Photoshop, you might often require opening multiple paths in order to complete a set of actions. If you know how to create a single path, it will be much easier for you to create new paths when needed. True to say, Read More

Ghost Mannequin Removal at CPF – Video

Ghost Removal Service Bangladesh

In this Tutorial our experienced designers showed how to removal ghosts or mannequins from Clothing Images so that the image can be posted anywhere of Ecommerce site or Online Spaces. Just watch this video carefully and follow the tools that have been used and the Read More

Remove Background From Images – Video Tutorial

Image Background Removal Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you how to remove background from images using clipping path tool of photoshop. Just follow through the step by step guides showed on this video and then practice by yourself to know in depth clipping path tool and its different usages. Read More

Who Provides You The Best Clipping Path Services?

Image masking

The demand for clipping path services is growing high in photo industries every day. Clipping Path Family is a worldwide company providing all clipping path services you need… What is Clipping Path? A Clipping path or deep etch is an enclosed vectorized shape or path Read More

Download Clipping Path Outsourcing Ebook For Free

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Here is a Free Ebook Download offer published and written by Clipping Path Family. You can just download this ebook right away. Here is a list of Topics that you will be able to know after reading this ebook: Why Your Company Needs Clipping Path Read More

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