Types of Complex Image CPF Love to Edit!

Image editing industry is vast and people might have come up with different types of images with different type of complexity. We, the Clipping Path Family team love to work with any kind of image complexity level.

Here are several types of clipping path service issues on their complexity level which our designers are ready to work with. clipping path curves

Composite Images – Complexity Level 1: This type of images are edited focused on 5 to 10 closed path and several transparency or holes.

Basic Paths – Complexity Level 2: This type of image need several outlining curves to edit and works with holes.

Lots of Outlining Curves – Complexity Level 3: This type of image own lots of outlining curves and the number of closed path required 10 and more.

Complex Shapes – Complexity Level 4: This type of image consist of different intricate shapes and edges and holes; that required much time to process and edit for better outcome.

Compound in Image Nature – Complexity Level 5: This type of image own several complex shapes and holes and need extreme cautiousness while editing. Need much more time in editing than any kind of images.

The prices of image editing may vary based on the complexity level. Our Pricing page has been dedicated for this and you will be able to know the detailed pricing chart these.