Step by Step Guide to Change Image Background!

Photoshop comes with so many professional yet interesting features and tools that make image editing and manipulation easier than ever. One of such feature is background changing which can be done very easily. Using Photoshop you can change the background of an image within a few minutes like a professional. There are other tools which also can be handy in changing background but still Photoshop is the most convenient way to do this.

Follow the following steps to change the background of an image with another. For best result take two images of the same size.

Image Background Removal Tutorial

Step1. Open both images in Photoshop and carefully adjust the contrast and brightness of them so that they can be mixed easily. Try to set contrast and brightness to the same level if possible.

Step2: Now open the image which you want to make the new background and select the whole image (select > all) and copy the whole image (edit > copy). Now open the image which you want to make the foreground and paste your previous image (edit > paste) on a new layer. So, your background image should be on top of your foreground image.

Step3: At this stage, to hide all at the upper layer you will have to add a layer mask (layer > add layer mask > hide all).

Step4: Click and select the brush tool.

Step5: Be careful that the colors you are working with must be white and black

Step6: Now, (with the mask of selected upper layer) brush the areas of the image where you want the background to appear. For a better and exact result you will have to change the brush size quite often so that the edges of the foreground are perfectly shown.

So, this is it. Now change your image background whenever and however you want.

  • Shahana Akter

    Cool ! Very useful tutorial.

  • Pinky Shahana

    Cool ! Very useful tutorial.