What is Image Neck Joint?

We live in an era where invisible models are brought into reality. It is very viable to bring an invisible model to visibility through the V-line, also known as ghost mannequin or image neck joint. Displaying ghost mannequin in context would be more persuasive when compared to just an ordinary flat image no doubt. The neck joint technique is obviously a great innovative idea of how certain accouter should look on a real human being.

image neck joint

Image Neck Joint Sample

Image neck joint, one kind of ghost mannequin, is generally applied on garment items. It has become one of the most demanding image editing schemes, applied to combine or clear the neck of mannequin to a new image. Typically there are around two or three side views of one particular image like front view, partial view, back view or inner view etc. Using the inner views, the neck part is created and the image takes a complete look of a real image which requires a maximum of 20-25 minutes.

Clipping Path Family (CPF) is offering the image neck joint service allowing clients to get their job done in a smooth and time saving style. Besides image clipping, photo masking, color masking, photo restoration and retouch, shadow and reflection creation, Clipping Path Family’s image refiners provide image neck joint service as well. CPF’s specialist team has superb communicative competence and technical know how, which is the key to success in image neck joint projects.

Over the years, the experience and expertise gathered by Clipping Path Family professionals on image neck joint services facilitate them to satisfy their customers. Now, customers who approach CPF’s editing experts to get image neck joint services are provided with ready-made finished products and only a few communications are required from customers to make the output no less than perfect.