Partnership Agreement

Why Us?

Clipping path family's partners enable their customers, members, readers, visitors or users to have their photos edited quickly and expertly at generous discounts. Clipping path family is an online outsourcing company, specialized in the processing of large quantities of images (Photoshop editing). We work for Fortune-20 retail companies and world-famous brands, but also for advertising and design agencies and for photographers. All image processing, such as retouching and isolating images, is done 100% by hand. The entire auxiliary process (delivery, adding instructions, checking, downloading, etc.) has been fully automated on Clipping path family was established in 2006 and has offices in Haarlem, Dusseldorf, London and New York.

Who Can Be Our Partner?

The Clipping path family Partner Program may be of interest to all companies and organizations whose customers, members, readers, visitors or users could benefit from fast, high-quality image editing. For example:

  • Trade associations or trade journals/portals (in the graphics industry, retail, e-tail, wholesale, etc.)
  • DAM software suppliers (SaaS or otherwise)
  • Stock photo suppliers
  • Graphics or Web development agencies

Interested? Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss possibilities for collaboration.

Types of Partnership We Are Offering

There are three ways of becoming a partner:

1. Referral Partner

Referral Partners can offer their customers, members, readers, visitors or users discounts on Clipping path family services, in addition to the benefits that the Preferred Supplier program offers. Accounts can be created on the partner name-landing page. Users of these accounts will receive a quote with a substantial discount after they have uploaded their images.

  • Cross-linking (Entry in partner section at
  • Periodic mention in e-mailings/newsletters
  • Joint distribution of a press release about the collaboration
  • Landing page: name
  • User discount
  • Users receive quote per job (mixed pricing)

3. Affiliate Partner

To begin with, Affiliate Partners enjoy all the benefits afforded to Preferred Suppliers and Referral Partners. In addition, an API link will be set up between the user interface of the Affiliate Partner and the Clipping path family application. Affiliate Partners receive a commission on all images that are received through the API connection. If customers or users, who make use of Clipping path family services through a partner, want to have large volumes of images edited, Clipping path family can work out a fixed price per photo. This price, in which the user discount is taken into account, will then be used to calculate the partner commission.

  • Cross-linking (Entry in partner section at
  • API connection with the branded application
  • Periodic mention in e-mailings/newsletters
  • Joint distribution of press releases about the collaboration
  • User discount (% of sales)
  • Partner commission (% of sales)
  • If desired, fixed pricing for users, for which a separate contract between Clipping path family & the user will be drawn up. (Commission continues to apply)

4. Reseller Partner

In collaboration with the Reseller Partner, a non-branded frontend is developed in the partner's environment, which is linked to the back-end of the Clipping path family application. The reseller is then able to offer Clipping path family services to its customers or users under its own flag. For the reseller, a fixed rate per photo category is set, allowing the reseller to determine the rates at which the services are offered. Admission into the Reseller Partner program requires a potentially substantial yearly photo volume.

  • Cross-linking (Entry in partner section at, if required)
  • API connection. Non-branded interface linked to Clipping path family back-end
  • Fixed pricing per photo category for reseller
  • Periodic mention in e-mailings/newsletters (if required)
  • Joint distribution of press releases about the collaboration (if required)
Discounts, Payments & Profit Sharing
  1. Clipping Path Family Authority will share 15% of total money to Affiliate Marketers from their every sales.
  2. All the images, number of images to be processed, samples, detailed instructions and everything should be placed before the each deal are made between two companies.
  3. Referral marketers will get 15% of each sales are made.
  4. Reseller Partners will get 15% of each sales are made.
Partnership Timeframe:

The term of this Agreement shall be for a period of Lifetime or based on the time you want to stay with us.

In Witness Whereof, the partners have duly executed this Agreement on the day and year set forth hereinabove.

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