What is Old Photo Restoration?

Would you be fancy to know that the first photo ever was made almost 190 years back (though the ancient permanent photograph was made in 1826 for the first time, by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, a French inventor)?

The reason lying behind this is that, human being has always tried to capture his/her times into frames! All old Photographs, treasured to everyone, are medium of capturing some very moments and facts of his/her life in distant pasts.

They refresh and retain our memory of those facts and act as the only way to record those valuable treasures that’s why we care so much for them. But as time and age affect everything, it would be helpful to note that the chance of your best-loved photographs yielding to the ravage of time, poor storage, water spillage, and exposure to sun is inevitable.

When you find out that the photographs have become crushed, damaged, very old, darkish and yellow in collar in any way, you are supposed to try old photo restoration technique.

Photo Restoration Defined as:

Old photo restoration” is strictly defined as the practice of repairing and restoring old historical photographs to its original appearance with the help of some tools and techniques. Typically, old photo restoration includes removing cracks, scores or scratches, repairing tears, correcting damages either natural or man made, removing molds or stains that were not existing when the photograph was originally created.

We are Here to Serve You:

Therefore, please let us take care of your best-loved distant memories. We, the Clipping Path Family, are the best in image editing industry especially in old photo restoration.  We have highly skilled and experienced photo restoration professionals. Moreover, Clipping Path Family has superior reputation of providing every client/customer with at least one dedicated project manager and three quality checkers to ensure highest standard and shortest timeline.  Our team has invested lots of thoughts and times into the architecture of the old photo restoration service package we offer.

Here below is our sample of expertise in old photo restoration tasks:

old photo restoration

Before applying old photo restoration technique.

old photo restoration

after applying old photo restoration technique.

Things to Remember:

Old photo restoration is a process that needs much decision making. It may sometime lead to over-editing therefore always keep a discerning eye to realize, when the line between an over-editing and a good editing is crossed. Be patient, as photo restoration is a continuous and gradual process.